The End

Firstly, I think this song is definitely correctly titled since it was the song that all four of the Beatles recorded all together, and also supposed to be the last song on the second side of the album (until Her Majesty got put in last). Secondly, the beginning of the song really makes me want to go back during this time period for some reason. I didn’t love the song and I didn’t hate it either, but to be honest it’s not a song that would be on my iPod or that I’d listen to occasionally. This song, although short (only 2:20), did one of the things that annoys me the most. That is have one of those really long parts right in the middle of the song where it’s only instrumental and you’re wondering when the words are going to start up again! This one wasn’t as bad because I really liked the way that the guitar played during this part, which by the way lasts about a minute and 10 seconds, and if you go back to the duration time, that’s basically half the song. I came to find that this song contains a solo by each one of the Beatles, even though Ringo didn’t like having any solos, but that he liked to “play for the singer” which I found to be interesting and cute, for lack of a better word, since most artists pretty much love to be in the spotlight.

STARR: Well, I play with the singer. If you listen to the Beatles songs, the tracks…

KING: You played for the singer?

STARR: I played for the singer, because if he’s singing, there’s no good in me boogeying all over the kit, you know what I mean? So it’s just stay out, hold the time. If it needs to be raised, you raise it, bring it down.

The song has somewhat of a melancholic feeling to it, especially at the end. The way the drums are played at the end gives it the tone of a farewell song. The last line of the song is also very memorable which I like. “The love you take is equal to the love you make.” After listening to the song I couldn’t get that line out of replay in my mind. Personally, I don’t think a song like this would be played on the radio since it’s so short and doesn’t have many words to it. The song fit right in I think, and it would’ve been a better ending to the album than “Her Majesty”.




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2 Responses to The End

  1. Ah, some research, always like that!

    Though I wonder if choosing this song was a good idea– is it a song or did you take part of the medley to write about it? Let the debate begin!

  2. lserranox3 says:

    I do remember reading that it was meant to be a medley with ‘Her Majesty’, but in my mind I just saw it as a separate song? Should I have also included the second song? (or second part of the medley)?

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