I Want You So Bad … (Not really)

I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

I first heard this song in high school through one of my Beatles obsessed friends. She kept going on and on about how amazing it was, while I sat there with a blank look on my face. Listening to this song again, was no better than the first time I heard it. I can’t deal with long and repetitive songs. “I want you so bad/It’s driving me mad” is repeated for eight minutes with the occasional “She’s so heavy” included in there. It was written for Yoko Ono, John Lennon’s wife. I think it could’ve been better. It was disappointing and to me it seems like a quick song that they just made to fill up space in the album or something. After all, it was the last song they recorded together. “The lyrics to “I Want You” were once read aloud on a British show called “24 Hours” as an example of the ‘banalities of pop music…’” I have to agree and say that to me it was a dull song and it just seemed like “blah blah blah …” The idea behind the song is nice, it being about love and how much he wants this woman, but not even the content of the song did it for me as it sometimes has with other songs. I was bored and I just couldn’t wait for the song to be over. I did enjoy the beginning of the song though with the guitar and drums. I actually enjoyed the parts of the song with just the tune and no lyrics being sung. To be honest there’s not much more I feel that I can say about this song because I simply didn’t enjoy listening to it. I thought listening to the song several times after would make it grow on me but it didn’t change my mind either. I also don’t think it’s a song that would be put on the radio because of its length, unless there was a radio edit. It’s a song with potential, if only they would have been a little more creative with the words.


1. http://www.aboutthebeatles.com/song-i_want_you.php


Rate – 2

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One Response to I Want You So Bad … (Not really)

  1. Same. I wish you did more. Shred it to pieces! It’s a cool song but yeah, way too long, and clogs up the album as we get to the medley…

    But this is so short!!

    If there wasn’t that much you can write– why not choose a different song?

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