Grand Finale!

Final Review

I have never considered myself to be a Beatles fan and when my friends would tell me to listen, or make me listen, I never wanted to. I thought their music was boring and it just didn’t seem to appeal to my taste. But the reason for that is because I never gave it a chance. Doing this blog project and having picked this band which I knew I most likely wouldn’t like now, since I didn’t back then, opened my eyes. All it takes it to give music a chance and listen with an open mind. I can’t say that I’m a Beatles fan now and that I fell in love but I wouldn’t be opposed to listening to more of their music. I also came to know that some of the songs that I remember hearing as a child and really liking were by the Beatles. I think their voices work very well together and make the album very pleasant to listen to. I believe that some artists have really annoying voices and make good songs sound weird sometimes, but their voices seem mellow and in great harmony which is something I look for in music and really appreciate. This is an album that I would’ve never listened to on my own and it’s great to find a new appreciation for a new type of music. I honestly think that if I lived through that time period I’d probably be one of the screaming Beatles fans. Their style of writing music was also unique along with the things they sang about. I had to look up most of the meanings to their songs and I found them to be odd sometimes. From a man with a hammer representing Karma, in Maxwell Silver’s Hammer to the simplicities of life like the blue of the sky in the song Because. I’d suggest this album to others who have never listened to the Beatles and convince them to definitely give it a chance. Overall I would rate this album a 4, and in my opinion it was an amazing “end of career” album.

Abbey Road Medley 🙂

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One Response to Grand Finale!

  1. Lynette,

    This is a good start… your blog Ta wrote some really positive things on the blog…

    Looking forward to reading more…

    And yes, the medley is epic… incredible!

    Love the honesty of being a screaming Beatles fan– my mother certainly was!

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