Bang! Bang! Maxwell’s silver hammer…

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

I laughed while listening to this song at first. It has a “circusy” kind of tune that gets really catchy at first, and can quickly turn into one of those songs that you just can’t get out of your head.  I think that it’s one of those songs that you can either love at first, and then hate because it gets annoying. Or you can hate it and have it really grow on you because it’s just so catchy. George Harrison also describes the song that way. It’s “one of those instant whistle-along tunes which some people hate, and other people really like. It’s a fun song, but it’s kind of a drag because Maxwell keeps on killing everyone like his girlfriend then the school teacher, and then, finally, the judge.” That’s something that really confused me about the song at first. I thought it was odd that a song about some type of murderer would have such a fun tune to it. But I later discovered that “’Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ applies to “the law of karma,” which basically states that as soon as a person does something that’s not good or right, they get punished.” But the song talks about a girl getting invited to the movies, a teacher reprimanding a student, and a judge giving an order all getting struck by karma. The idea is that “Just when everything is going smoothly, ‘bang bang’ down comes Maxwell’s Silver Hammer and ruins everything.” This is what made me like the song more because I’m big on karma and I think everybody gets what’s coming to them. I think it’s even funnier that it happens at the most unexpected times when a person seems the happiest. It makes karma just that much sweeter. I like how they randomly used a hammer, makes it kind of creepy and scary. I guess if you do wrong, you should definitely fear karma and this song depicts it in a great and (somewhat) funny way. I can say that it’s a song I would play to brighten my day and put a smile on my face.

Rate – 4




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One Response to Bang! Bang! Maxwell’s silver hammer…

  1. This is good but could have/should have been so much better.

    Where’s the REAL effort– you loved the song or liked it a lot yet this is 352 words. It’s the minimum plus 2 words.

    Why not go further?

    Expand, really get into the work… really go further into it…

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