After a week…

I can say that I feel much better about their music since I’ve taken the time not only to listen to the tracks a few times, but to also research what some of the confusing song meanings are. I do feel that there was more effort put into more songs than others, as if they only put song lyrics together because they had nothing else to say and needed to fill up some space on the album. Considering that this was their final album, maybe they were just in a rush to finish and each do their own thing? I don’t think they’re horrible but I also think that they have been hyped up a little too much and that people tend to give them way more credit than they deserve. But this is only one album that I am giving a chance and I’m sure that if this one wasn’t so good, that many of their other previous albums are much better. I still feel the hippy type of feel to their songs, but I don’t think that’s something that will necessarily change – or maybe it will by the time I get to the final impression. I feel like their tone goes from serious to funny really quickly and then romantic – they do have a variety which is great. But from a personal taste in music, I don’t like things to switch off too much during an album. I do like a few songs, more than I did when initially listening. Here Comes the Sun will honestly forever be my favorite. I also enjoyed Come Together and Her Majesty even though it was a 30 second song. Considering that this album has about 17 songs on it, I don’t think it’s all that great if I can only get around to liking three or four of their songs. Maybe they just could have done better when writing their songs, or maybe I’m just not being open-minded enough. I do hope that by the end of this blog project I am able to see what everyone else seems to see in the Beatles.


Rate – 3.

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