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So overall I have to say that I didn’t hate the movie as much as I thought I would. I liked the fact that it was based on a true story. I think it’s really amazing and crazy how this one man went out of his way and jeopardized everything just to tell the truth and look out for the health of the people. I found it really funny actually, and also strange that these people supposedly didn’t know that nicotine was addictive. I believe that after he agreed to go on air and the story got put out there, that it should have been made to be illegal. Nicotine is a drug, and it not only kills those who smoke it, but those who do not smoke it as well through second hand smoke. So even after all the trouble he went through to expose the facts about the company, everyone still goes about doing the same thing. All they got was a $246 billion settlement out of it, which is a lot of money but it’s kind of like “Oh wow that’s it?” That’s just my personal opinion.

I was also unaware about people having to sign confidentiality agreements at their jobs. It definitely was a great insight on seeing how things work with the media sometimes and how stories have to be altered, and what some people have to go through to get the truth out there. I know that he did it all with good intentions and for the benefit of the people, but I think that it was all a bit much. Personally I would never put my family in any type of danger, or risk going to jail for the rest of my life just to tattle tale on a job that fired me. I felt that once he got the new teaching job, he should have just left everything else alone and started his new life, with his new job, in his new home, with his family. I was amazed to find out how he made everything work out though without having suffer anything more than the loss of his wife and kids. I also found it to be unfair that after all the trouble he was put through about coming forward and being a hero for the people, that they end up airing an edited version of it, even though the full one was eventually aired. I think honesty is a really big thing that is lacked with the media sometimes because people twist what actually happened to make a certain point or to make themselves not look so bad. It’s something that shouldn’t happen, but people will forever be scheming and doing wrong if it means that they will be gaining profit from it.

It’s just insane to see how public relations  really works, and how they tried to make Wigand look bad in the middle of the whole fiasco. People who are already are doing the wrong thing obviously have no problem stooping even lower to make the correct person look bad. Even going after another business (CBS) through the whole “tortious interference” point. In the end, I’m glad that everything did work out.

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