Bush, Rumsfeld, & Obama.

Firstly, when it comes to the Bush interview, I don’t really see why it was banned. In my opinion Bush was just talking a bunch of mumbo jumbo and his answers didn’t seem too relevant. If that was the reason for not broadcasting it in America, I’m pretty sure that most of America, if not all, knew how much of a bad speaker Bush was and how he obviously has not been one of America’s greatest presidents. So I hope it wasn’t banned because it was feared that people would feel some type of negative way towards Bush. I think it was rude how he was talking to the interviewer. He wouldn’t even let her speak! In Obama’s interview he was also telling the interviewer not to interrupt, but he wasn’t rude about it. And I feel that Obama had relevant answers to the questions he was being asked. Bush said things like “Uh, my job is to … do my job” and putting things in about how America feeds the hungry. What?   Do you even know what  this interview is about? Do you even know what your job is? He spoke about how America having to lead, but he’s not the one who has to go out there and fight. I learned nothing from that interview. Obama was also being rushed by the interviewer, but I feel that he answered the questions as best as he could and he made sense while he was speaking. To be honest I never bothered to look into the whole health reform issue, but this interview showed me what it was and I don’t really understand why so many people were against it. It did seem like the right thing to do. Obama’s interview was definitely more educational than Bush’s was. And lastly, the Rumsfeld and Al Jazeera interview can’t even be called an interview. He basically answered no questions, and just sat there back talking the interviewer, having a little kid “shut up” “no you shut up” fight. What the heck is that? It seemed like Rumsfeld probably kept continuing the dumb argument and disrespecting the interviewer, and even disparaging him, because he didn’t know how to answer what he was being asked. For a man his age I would’ve thought he knew better. But that clip was just ridiculous.

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