Still great.

I think this album mixed genres in a creative way and Beyoncé and everyone else who helped her produce the album did a great job doing so. She had a lot of good contributions from different artists in many ways into the album. Whether it was songwriting, or helping with a beat or a sense of direction, I think it’s something that also helped bring the album to be as good as it is with so many people putting different ideas together. I like that she took a break from her hectic life of fame to enjoy the little things in life and came out with the album 4. I think she incorporated topics that most of us can relate to and have a personal connection with. I feel like the album is something to be enjoyed in its entirety, not piece by piece. She has been criticized for her performance saying that she was imitating some Italian pop star and that her fashion is crazy and talking about how horrible it is that her songs barely managed to reach number one, but I think that some of these critics just put too much thought into little things and don’t let the album just be. It’s about the music and how much she put into this album. I guess maybe only I love it so much because of the connection I feel to it, and I know I keep repeating myself with having a strong emotional connection to the album but I think that a person’s favorite band or favorite song only becomes their favorite because they feel that they can relate and connect. Otherwise there’s nothing really making you like the song.

I guess I can’t really convince you to love or like the album because it all just depends on whether you feel the same connection or not. But as Stern said “4 is a gorgeous, solid album experience that pays proper tribute to a slice of music history without artificially recreating any one artist’s signature sound. While the album is nearly guaranteed to go down as the first major misfire in Beyoncé’s otherwise unshakable career track record–the dreaded “artistic attempt”–it’s as much of a guarantee that future listeners will re-visit this record in time to discover that it is, in fact, a gem.”

Album – 5




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