Best Thing I Never Had

Best Thing I Never Had is the second single from the album. The song was not originally meant to be a ballad but more of a 80’s hip-hop type of song. It was inspired by the drumming of Doug E. Fresh’s song The Show. You can listen to the original here – Songwriter Patrick “J.Que” Smith wanted to avoid the ballad style, but in a recent poll it turns out that people enjoy the released ballad version better than the other one. I have to agree as well since I’m not really an 80’s hip-hop type of person.

The song is about a breakup that was hard at first, like most, but then led to a new and better relationship. It involves karma … “what goes around comes back around.” I have to agree with what Kyle Anderson of Entertainment Weekly says: “”Best Thing I Never Had” finds Beyoncé mining the same kind of girl-power imagery as she did on ‘Run the World (Girls)’. But there is something more direct and honest about the lyrics on the new single (perhaps it’s the instant greatness of the line, ‘When I think of the time I almost loved you / You showed your ass and I saw the real you’). ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ feels like the kind of crossover hit that will help 4 join the rest of Beyoncé’s discography in multiplatinum land” It’s a powerful song for those females who feel heartbroken over someone who treated them badly or did them wrong, and it shows how something better will come along. I can agree with this from experience, having been in a relationship where I thought there was mutual love and respect, only to find out that I was wrong. I never thought something better would be out there, but the loving relationship I am in now definitely proved me wrong. Things always get better, and the other person will regret having done you wrong. I’ve heard this song on the radio a few times, and it’s something a lot of people can relate to, so it makes it radio friendly.

The music video was incredible. It depicts a moment that most of us females dream about – our wedding day. The dress was GORGEOUS! And the music video put that much more emotion into the song for me. I’m a sappy romantic person on the down low and the music video brought out so many emotions. I was also surprised to find an alternate music video while researching this song. The alternate music video features personal wedding footage sent in by her fans, and you can watch it here –

And here is the original.

Song – 5


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