4 is an album by Beyoncé that was released in June of 2011. I’m not a huge, screaming, obsessed, number one Beyoncé fan, but I have loved her music since her first album Dangerously In Love came out. I remember begging my mom to buy it for me and I listened to it nonstop. I chose this album because it’s an album that I can say I pretty much love and enjoy every single song (with just maybe one or two exceptions). Nowadays it gets hard for me to find an album that I love in its entirety without just picking and choosing one or two good songs from it. As soon as I heard it I felt like I could personally connect to each of the songs, and to me an artist has good music when I am able to feel like I am on the same level as him/her. That’s exactly how I felt while listening to this album. It was like Beyoncé was speaking to me and I knew exactly what she meant while she sang, and I’d just be sitting there like “Yeah girl I know what you mean!” I feel like the songs on here are radio friendly but Bradley Stern from MUUMUSE.com did a review saying “And it seems she’s truly taken her artistic freedom to heart, as the album veers sharply from the chart-ready club banger pattern of her back catalog. Instead, she’s returned with live soul sessions and aching, nostalgic power ballads that drip with the intent of pure artistic fulfillment. But as a result, there’s not a single radio hit to be found on 4. … There are no radio-friendly singles on this album (barring “Run The World,” which proves even more jarring than it already is as the follow-up to the emotionally devastating “I Was Here”).”

Originally I was going to choose Adele’s 21 album, but I feel like I’ve heard it so much all over the place and people are constantly talking about her and it’s like “Oh Adele this, and Adele that…” Although Beyoncé is beyond a doubt recognized all over the world, greatly admired and talked about, I feel like it’s not the same as with Adele today. So I felt like I would be more comfortable writing about this album. It’s funny because at one point I became really annoyed with everyone talking about how big and great Beyoncé is and all this fuss about her that I started to not like her so much and I disregarded most of her music. But when this album came out I changed my mind again, and like I said I think it all just comes down to the personal connection you have with something. Since there are so many love and relationship songs on this album I was able to form that connection and form a new appreciation for Beyoncé’s music, lastly choosing 4 as one of my favorite albums.



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