At first I wasn’t that surprised while reading through this. I knew that our internet surfing and what we click on is tracked, I forgot where I heard it before though. I remember wondering why I would get so many ads on the military (for back when I was joining the USMC and was doing my research) or when I would see ads for my sorority or music I liked. It was just weird to see that my computer knew about me like that. When I read about Google giving the two East coast women different results based on their “personalities” I was shocked. I had absolutely no idea Google did that. Who is Google to try to tell me who I am?! “The new internet doesn’t just know you’re a dog; it knows your breed and wants to sell you a bowl of premium kibble.” This kind of pissed me off. Why is the internet controlling what I’m getting on web pages due to the type of person it apparently “knows’ I am? I understand the part where it helps them make more money because I mean, who isn’t looking for a way to make cash? I do like that Amazon can recommend me books I might like and that iTunes can do the same with music, but when I’m reading about something like Acxiom knowing who I live with, my address, and even the breed of my pet is just insane. I think there needs to be a boundary here. My personal life and information shouldn’t be in the hands of some company just like that. It’s private. I don’t get how it can be okay. And it’s even crazier how they’re so sneaky about it and I’m 100% sure that the majority of the people who surf the web have no idea that this is going on.

Also having this “filter bubble”, although it may have it’s economic advantages to these people who work for Google or Amazon or whatever, is making us stuck. “In the filter bubble, there’s less room for the chance encounters that bring insight and learning.” If websites are only showing you your interests, point of view on something, or what you wanna see, how are you supposed to see an opposite and learn to take something away from it? It honestly is just like living in your own bubble, in your own little world. This upsets me and some people may think I’m overreacting but I find most of this to be ridiculous. Having people control my life through the internet is not something I approve of. I know it definitely has it’s advantages, but they are also just being sneaky – and I don’t like sneaky people. -_-

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  1. chrissytheta says:

    Great job with this post. I share the same sentiments on everything you spoke about. Sooner or later we’re all going to be stuck in our own bubbles, only communication through social media and be completely immersed in our own ways of thinking because we’ve never been told or show otherwise. I actually find it really sad.
    Anyway nice work!

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