Rage on the Radio

I think that people who do crazy things like that man did, do get the inspiration from people like these radio talk show hosts. Maybe the man already had some type of idea in his head and by listening and reading what these radio personalities had to say, whether it is for”entertainment” or not, Adkisson was most likely lead to believe that it was okay to do what he wanted to do to these people. In more than one occasion I heard several people speaking about wanting to kill someone, or a certain group of people. Moyers did have a point when he brought up the 1st amendment at the end of the video, but I feel like the privilege of having this right is abused. I do not think it’s okay that people like this can just go on air and talk about wiping people out, and putting crazy ideas into the minds of others. These radio talk show hosts put their personal opinions out there as if they were fact, and they even lie about things to try to prove a point. It’s all really ridiculous in my opinion. People who are even mentally and emotionally unstable listen to these types of things and do people really think that it’s not going to trigger some type of possible negative reaction? People snap. After all the books on bashing Liberals that they found in his home, it’s only obvious that he didn’t just come up with the idea himself and go about it. He read about the hate and anger, and took on this crazy action.

So day by day these radio personalities sit there, in their little radio studios, spewing hate and anger towards people with views or opinions that are much different than theirs, and talk about how they don’t have the right to live. Okay. And whether this has to do with the subject or not, I refuse to believe that these people are getting paid for this. But what can you do? It’s not like you can really stop them I guess. So they will just keep on doing what they’re doing, and more people to are susceptible to use these crazy rants as inspiration will keep on doing crazy things like walking into a church and killing people.


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2 Responses to Rage on the Radio

  1. chrissytheta says:

    It’s an absolute outrage. The First Amendment is probably the BEST and the WORST part of our Constitution because of situations like this. The best part because it preserves our right to freedom of speech and expression, but the worst because we can’t stop people like Bill Moyers and other rage radio hosts from expressing their psychotic ideals and poisoning the minds of their listeners. Unfortunately, that’s just how it works in our country.

    Nice job with this post. Keep up the good work!

  2. chrissytheta says:

    Also, where is your post on Huckleberry Finn and censorship?

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