Beauty queen of only eighteen, she had some trouble with herself…

Listening to this album wasn’t the first time I heard She Will Be Loved, but I am absolutely in love with it. It’s a song that I can put on repeat and not get tired of it! I usually get annoyed when a song is repeated but this one is just THAT good. I love how it starts off so mellow and soft. That feature alone automatically drew me in to the song. Levine’s voice sounds so honest in the feeling of the song and he just makes it flow so well.

She Will Be Loved is about a guy who is in love with a woman who is already taken by someone else. He is always there to lift het up and make her feel better when her boyfriend does something wrong, but it seems as if she doesn’t want to leave her boyfriend and go with the guy who is truly in love with her. The music video though kind of throws it off and ends up being about the guy having an affair with his rich girlfriend’s mother, who gets no attention and is abused by her husband. The fact that they made the music video about this kind of upset me because it wasn’t what I had envisioned. Regardless, I still do love the song but I don’t think that the music video should have been about that type of scenario.

During the interview that I posted for the previous song, they also speak about this song from 4:50-6:19. I find it insane how Levine finished the entire song in one night and it just automatically came out to be such an incredible song. He said himself that most songs you can never be too sure about, but he knew that She Will Be Loved would automatically be a hit. In another interview he mentions how this song isn’t about Jane, but it’s seen from the view of a friend. Below is the video once again along with the interview piece.

[ NWMS: What do you think the emotional or lyrical content would be like if you were to work on a new record today, at this point in your life?

ADAM: Oh God, uhm… there are a couple of lingering songs that I haven’t, we haven’t developed yet that lyrically are in the same theme and didn’t make it. But they were kind of just post Songs About Jane or not that didn’t make it, but just… I was still harping on things even shortly after we wrote lyrics for the record. There will be a couple more Jane songs probably but it’s kind of the end of that phase. So there will be a couple of those. I don’t know. I mean, I’ve written a couple of songs about… I’ve been kind of… I went through a period where I was kind of emotionally detached from everyone, especially girls so I wrote. I kind of started to focus on other people’s relationships to find inspiration because I wasn’t finding any in my own life.

NWMS: Writing third person, or…

ADAM: Yeah… well I was just kind of looking at it from a different perspective. Looking down on something, getting perspective on other people.

NWMS: Well you wrote ‘She Will be Loved’ from your friend’s perspective, right?

ADAM: Yeah. ]

This song was most definitely hit as Levine felt it would be. It ranked number five on the Billboard Top 100 and has been downloaded over 2,178,000 times. It was the album’s third single and in my opinion. the best one yet. This song got TONS of radio play and is still a popular song today.

1. Interview –

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