Is there anyone out there ’cause it’s getting harder and Harder to Breathe.

Harder to Breathe is the first single off the album. At first I felt like I wouldn’t really like the song but I got into it. It’s one of the best songs in the album. I find it interesting how the real motivation behind this song wasn’t Jane, but the label (A&M/Octone Records). During the making of the album, the label was pressuring the band to write more songs for the album, even though the band thought they had made enough for the release. Levine ended up writing the song in a moment of frustration. He randomly came up with the hook for the song while he was in the shower, and the beat came from switching up the beat to the bridge in another of their songs on the album titled ‘Not Coming Home.’ He explains the process during 2:53 to 4:50 of the video below. Although this song wasn’t initially motivated by Jane, it turns out being about how he feels trapped in the relationship, she’s treating him like crap (for lack of a better word), and she’s going to regret it when she loses him.

The music video to this song was a bit confusing at first because everything was dark and moving so quickly. But the point of the video was to give it a kind of claustrophobic sense to fit the title of the song. Things were appearing and then disappearing just as quickly. The scene with the candles appearing and disappearing made me think that they wanted some light or some type of escape from this claustrophobic setting, but couldn’t obtain it. The pictures that do the same could represent the relationship with Jane. Towards the end you can see that there is more light and things can be seen a little clearer. Anyway, enough of an “analysis”, you can watch the video for yourself here.

As usual, I love the tone of Levine’s voice in this song. When he sings the part “Is there anyone out the because it’s getting harder and harder to breathe” he changes his tone and his breathing, and he literally sounds boxed in and like he’s trying to get some air. I love this because it makes the song seem more real and like he is putting his true emotion into it, not just singing it because he needs to, even though he didn’t even want to write the song in the first place.

I give it a 5 🙂 & the album is still a 5 too!

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One Response to Is there anyone out there ’cause it’s getting harder and Harder to Breathe.

  1. chrissytheta says:

    Wow, I didn’t even know that the record label, not Jane, was the inspiration for this track. Harder to Breathe is one of my all time favorites of Maroon 5.
    Really nice job here and the videos are a great touch!

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