Everyone has a Secret …

Listen to the song here 🙂

‘Secret’ was one of the songs that I did not really enjoy listening to from this album. I know it’s a sex filled song and I would possibly be expected to like it. But for one, the introduction to this song was A MINUTE AND THIRTY FIVE SECONDS. -_- That aspect alone was enough to turn me away from the song without even listening to the lyrics. The intro was not only long, but really creepy. By fifty seconds when the beat changed, I thought they would be getting into the song. But it just went on and on and it ended up annoying me. I guess I’m a “let’s just get to the point” type of person.

When it FINALLY got to the lyrics, I was just bored and didn’t really care much for the song. Maybe it’s one of those songs that would grow on me after listening to it a few times over again. I researched the song and didn’t find much on it, no music video or interview, only a lot of people talking about how much they enjoyed this sexy song, and how they play it for their boyfriend/girlfriend, and all that great stuff… I must be one of the very few people that disliked it, because even a video I found of them on YouTube playing the song live, only got two dislikes out of the 360 people who voted.  I do have to admit though, his sensual voice is a nice aspect of this song.

I figure that this song is more about a one night stand than a relationship since its titled Secret and this part of the song also backs up this thought: “I know I don’t know you/But I want you so bad/Everyone has a secret/But can they keep it/Oh, no they can’t.” This song definitely would not be played on a station like Z100 (*gag*) or Hot 97, but maybe something like 106.7? I could hear this song just being introduced in a deep voice in the middle of the night, with some clever sexy line my uncreative self couldn’t possibly think of. I give this song a 2 out of 5 – for now.

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One Response to Everyone has a Secret …

  1. chrissytheta says:

    This was great. It’s totally okay that you hated the song but great that you explained exactly why you disliked it, included other opinions, and discussed its radio relevancy. Always write WHY and never just say what you think about a song. The ‘why” is what matters. Keep up the great work!

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