Songs About Jane

I absolutely LOVED the entire album. My usual type of music is the whole R&B genre, but I fell in love with Maroon 5. The whole album is practically about heart break and the songs are mainly upbeat. Initially I wouldn’t imagine liking an upbeat sad song, but they make it sound great. So there is a combination of the more upbeat rock attitude in most, and there’s the other slow soulful songs for a contrast which is amazing. Adam’s unique voice is also something that made me fall in love with the album; it’s just so pleasing to the ear, sexy and charming. 🙂 Music is also much easier to love when you can relate to it, and having been through heart break before as well, I felt like I was able to make that connection with the songs on the album, as opposed to some other topic that I would have probably not cared much about. Maybe it’s because I’m a mushy gushy, romantic, type of girl and I felt like I wanted to be swept away by him!

I know the popular, most listened to tracks that got lots of radio play from this album are She Will Be Loved and This Love. Songs that would be played on some type of “Lite” station I guess. (Sorry I’m not much of a radio person.) I feel like it’s an album that’s just so easy to listen to. Everything just flows together so well, considering that there are many different genres and styles of music incorporated into this one album and it definitely is “radio friendly” because it’s just something that everyone can listen to. It was rated five stars on iTunes, and scrolling through all of the reviews it was evident that everyone loved the album just as much as I did. I was really pleased to see that this did not turn into one of those albums where you hear one or two amazing songs, and you go buy the album to only be disappointed with the rest of the music. Each song has something that makes it stand out, and even though I couldn’t skip any of the songs – I wouldn’t have even if I had the choice. I am a very picky person when it comes to music and what I like, and I tend to get tired of certain artists or albums very quickly, but I feel like this is an album that I will not ever get tired of replaying. I guess we will see by the end of the assignment though!

Album Rating – 5!

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One Response to Songs About Jane

  1. chrissytheta says:

    Nice first post!
    Good job with mentioning the radio aspect of the album as well as including other reviews found on iTunes and comparing it to yours. Prior to this assignment have you ever heard any of their music on the radio? Glad you loved it right away, it’ll be interesting to see how you feel about each track after giving it a second listen 🙂

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