What We Have Going For Us

I personally really enjoyed reading this article because as a nineteen year old, I tend to think A LOT about my future. Who I’m going to turn out to be, where will I be, who will I be with – how much time do I have to do everything that I would like to do? Will I be stuck working a nine-five job that I’m going to dread going to for the rest of my life? The article speaks about your twenties moving so quickly, but I feel as if once you turn eighteen, time begins to start flying by. It’s a time of change and just of assessing so many different aspects of your life.

The responses I received from others who read the article were similar to my own opinion of the article. It brings a lot of self-realization, mainly the realization that we are going to inevitably become responsible (hopefully) adults. When we realize this, we start to possibly change our way of thinking and they way we make our choices. We begin to crop out the excess, more unnecessary things in our lives to zero in on who we want to be, try to embrace that person, and do things to feel more accomplished. The article also speaks about us socializing, getting to know people, and having a close group of our own. We are attracted to people that we can relate to. As human beings, we feel comfort in knowing we’re not alone in our experiences and hence, that is why we gravitate towards these people more. What also stood out to me were the concepts of “right people” and “wrong people”. Not many times do we actually examine the people in our lives. “The right people will be your memory bank. The right people will bring out the best in you.”

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One Response to What We Have Going For Us

  1. chrissytheta says:

    Great work, I definitely felt the same after reading the article. It’s kind of a scary feeling knowing that at 19, we’ve only at the beginning, and have so many new responsibilites to face as we get older!

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